Heritage Funeral Home offers an onsite crematory at our Lampasas location. Your loved one will remain in our care from the time of removal from the place of death until the cremated remains are returned to you.

You may be asking yourself "don't all funeral homes have crematories"? No, not all funeral homes have onsite crematories, many funeral homes contract with outside crematories to handle the cremation, they may also offer refrigeration prior to the cremation. With the increase in popularity of cremation this means your loved one is stored with other loved ones waiting for cremation. 

At Heritage Funeral Home, we believe no two people lived the same life therefore no two services should  be the same, additionally we are dedicated to making sure you only purchase the services and products you want.

No Games and No Gimmicks 

Other Funeral Homes or Cremation Groups will lure you in with promises of $995.00 cremations only to change the price once you get there and find out that is only their "base" charge. 

We will give you our best price when you walk in the door, not when you are trying to walk-out.